Chinese doctors pulled the bullet out of the nose women

Chinese to Jaw 62 years surprised the doctors. For the first time in the hospital she asked with strange symptoms that no shot. The woman complained constantly stuffy nose, enlarged lymph nodes, At first glance it may appear that the patient was a common cold.

However, a full examination identified in the area of the skull women a real bullet. According to the patient, the subject was in her nose for 48 years and previously did not cause severe discomfort. Well, what the bullet did not penetrate into the region of the brain. The consequences in cases of penetrating wounds of the brain it is difficult to predict. Often these injuries were fatal.

Doctors have successfully completed the extraction of a foreign body. Woman, full of joy, thanked the surgeons for the opportunity to continue to live without the annoying bullet in the skull.

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About the case of penetration of the woman due to old circumstances to tell nothing. One version is a 14 years old teenager took gunshot wound as blunt trauma temple of stone. Previously described cases, when people lived with a foreign object in the body and have not experienced any difficulties.

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