Chinese doctors have removed a huge tumor from the face of the "man-elephant"

On the eve of doctors from China made global surgery to remove the tumor from the face of the "man-elephant". The tumor weighed to 1.5 kilograms. Previously had surgery to remove a greater education from the face of the same person. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease. It is expressed by the tendency to form tumors and permanent swelling.

Doctors say that the disease manifested itself at the age of four. The boy appeared a little bump above his left eye. However, in adolescence permanent patient clinics were able to see, because the tumor had blocked the main field of vision. Year on year growth grew up, and stop to live: it was difficult to move, to sit up, and there were problems with the spine. The patient's height is 1.35 meters.

The first operation in 2007 was successful, however, in a short time the tumor had anticipated. Then she weighed more than 15 pounds. In 25 years the patient has lost all teeth, which created additional problems in nutrition and self-service. Chunky felt an unbearable torment.

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Today the doctors are doing everything possible to extend the life and improve its quality. This requires a series of at least two operations.

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