Chinese counterfeit drugs threaten the fight against malaria

The desire to create a medicinal product from deadly diseases such as malaria due to fraud actions are under threat. They produce the fake, low quality drugs that, in addition to the harm caused to patients, may contribute to the emergence of parasites are carriers of malaria resistance to genuine medicines Agency reports the BBC, citing research conducted by the Wellcome Trust in collaboration with hospital Mahosot, and the University of Oxford.

Experts were conducted examination doubtful of antimalarial drugs sold in 11 African countries in the years from 2002 to 2010 inclusive. In separate preparations contained a substance pharmaceutical ingredients, which only facilitated the primary symptom of malaria, but the disease itself, alas, was not cured.

But a number of "ingredients" even could cause very serious side effects, especially in those cases when both were taking with the other, for example, antiretroviral character. Separate the question of immunity parasite source of malaria treatment. This immunity has evolved relative to chloroquine and melohina. It is possible that the parasites-the sources do not show any reaction and on artemisinin is the most effective tool against malaria.

And all because the fact is the fact that in some of dubious quality and properties of the drugs included derivatives of artemisinin, but in negligible concentrations. In other words, this number is insufficient for the treatment of deadly disease, but it would contribute to development of resistance.

Specialists state: "There is reason to believe that drug-fakes are made in China. It was established due to the fact that in the "dummies" traces of pollen from plants growing in the area, where he made preparations-fakes".

The author surveys Paul Newton urges African governments to take urgent and immediate measures aimed at the seizure of counterfeit products".

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