China will allocate $ 50 million to fight the most dangerous bird flu

According to news Agency Xinhua, the Ministry of Finance of China has allocated to 48.6 million (nearly 300 million yuan) to combat avian influenza H7N9 recognized who the most dangerous bird flu. Funds will be used to identify new cases of H7N9 infection and flu-like illnesses.

According to the publication on April 24, the number of cases of H7N9 virus is 109 persons, of which 22 died.

Who experts believe that China is able to cope with the spread of the virus.

It should be noted that it is still unclear whether the H7N9 virus to spread from person to person. The vaccine strain of the H7N9 virus at present does not exist.

on April 25, a deadly virus was first registered outside China. The virus was detected in 53-year-old resident of Taiwan, April 12, returned from the Eastern part of the PRC and most likely worked with the bird. reports that a man was hospitalized on April 16, and at present the patient is assessed as severe.

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