China refuses to use the organs of prisoners

The organ and tissue donation is a voluntary procedure donations parts of their bodies for a specific person or for any need. The donor may give their organ or tissue in vivo or post mortem. One of the most common types of donation is the donation of blood, from which further prepare the products for transfusion.

China partially set foot on the side of democracy and equality. The country plans to prohibit the use of bodies of prisoners for transplant patients. The Globe and Mail writes that this law will come into force in November 2013. Now China is the only country that applies the use of the organs of prisoners.

However, China will need to close the hole in transplantation: in the near time will be missed grafts, as the number of donors-volunteers too little. It is in this direction are going to work with scientists need to increase the influx of new volunteers willing to donate their body or blood. Now its activities launched 165 hospitals. When the new system will be fully operative officials are not reported. But we have already carried out more than three thousand transplants on the new program.

Program voluntary donation started already in 25 communities. Now the main task is the creation of a donor network, which will ensure that all who need transplants. Now the main part, more than 50% of the organs come from prisoners sentenced to death. Any securities to consent to the removal of organs themselves criminals and their parents were not given, so this procedure is illegal.

Another issue donation in China cremation. Obtaining organs from deceased is a complex procedure, the majority of bodies in China is burned immediately after death.

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