China on its own decided the organ-donor problem

China has long been practiced to use the bodies sentenced to death for transplantation.

In 2007, the trade of donor organs in the country was strictly forbidden, was also suspended the use of the organs of prisoners. However, in country 1, 3 million people awaiting donor organs, and with the prohibition of sale of their flow has decreased significantly. In China began to develop the underground market of donor organs, the cases of enforced weaning bodies. Because soon for lack of serious analogues practice resumed.

Deputy health Minister Huang Czafu stated that executed prisoners were the main source of donor organs in the country due to lack of donations of organs.

Although human rights organizations for many years trying to get China to stop this practice, because the organs are harvested without consent executed and their relatives, the authorities deny that changes in the system are not expected.

Expert on China from Amnesty International Sara Schaefer leads the statistics of donor organs: 65 percent of transplant surgery was performed using the bodies of dead people, 90 percent of which were executed after the verdict. 35 percent of organs from living donors, but who are these

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"donors" to clarify in China, no one can. It is doubtful that this living prisoners forced to give up their organs for transplantation.

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