China has published a list of the names of the ship for the first flight to Mars

During the online voting, the PRC authorities have identified a list of the names of the first ship to fly to Mars, reports the Xinhua news Agency.

The final list included the following names: "Fenghuang" (Phoenix, "Fenghuang"), "Tianwang" ("Questions to heaven", "Tianwen"), "Hoshin" ("Mars", "Huoxing"), "Hotel" ("flying dragon", "Tenglong"), "qilin" (a creature from Chinese mythology, the "Qilin"), "Josue" (Chinese zodiac sign, Josue — "Red bird", "Zhuque"), "Jayman" ("chasing the dream", "Zhuimeng") and "Fengxiang" ("Flying Phoenix", "Fengxiang"). There were sent 14.5 thousand names.

China plans in 2020 to send from the cosmodrome "Wenchang" the carrier rocket "Changzheng-5", which is supposed to launch a probe to study Mars.

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