China has become the leader in the number of cancer

Cancer in recent years become one of the main causes of mortality along with diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cancer is growing, causes destruction of adjacent organs, quickly metastasizes throughout the body. Only the timely diagnosis and treatment to avoid such a terrible disease.

On the last received data, a leader among the number of cancer patients is China. According to statistics, every fifth patient with a cancer man originally from China. This information was announced during the conference on Oncology in Tianjin.

Scientists claim that cancer has become a serious problem, which should be addressed. Four of the five patients in the die due to metastasis or primary cancer. The most frequent are the cases of cancer of the lung, stomach and esophagus. On the tumor growth is influenced by the availability of factors of carcinogenesis: Smoking, alcohol, adverse living conditions. In addition, the increase in life expectancy also increases the number of cancers. It should be noted that the high level of cancer may be associated with qualitative diagnosis of the disease, when the process identified in the screening population.

According to the survey, about half of Chinese people believe that cancer is incurable and the only outcome is death. However, in many cases the disease can be eliminated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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