Chin implants are gaining popularity

BBC News reports about the increase in popularity in the United States operations of the implant in the chin area, citing statistics from the American society of plastic surgeons (ASPS).

In 2011 there were about 20 thousand operations aimed at changing the shape of the chin. In 2010 this figure was 71% lower.

According to the ASPS, chin implants are only a small part of the total number of cosmetic operations that were conducted previously.

British plastic surgeons argue that the operation prosthetic chin in exceptional cases is conducted as a separate process, in General, it is part of a comprehensive plastic surgery of the face.

According to the ASPS, relative to the growth in the number of plastic chin area, it is necessary to pay attention to what you feel the desire to change the lower part of the face equally both women and men.

Malcolm Roth, President of the company, which includes about seven thousand American plastic surgeons, says that the prosthetic chin of the face gives people a chance to look somewhat younger, exactly the same as the facelift.

BBC News reported comment of one patient, who claims that she is seeing his image on the videos and the photos noted an increase in the double chin. This fact is very upsetting future patient, and she was ready for decisive action.

But, as noted by the surgeon-consultant James Macdiarmid, no one before this woman did not go to the clinic with a problem that can be solved only through installation of a chin implant. As a rule, many are complaining about the length of the nose, which makes visually chin longer.

According to James, up to 80 percent of the surgical procedure to reshape the chin are the only additional step other plastic surgery that is considered to be "more complex response to the wishes of the patients."

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