Chilean scientists invented a vaccine against alcoholism

The problem of alcoholism and alcohol consumption reached in Chile monstrous scale. She and because scientists from the University of Chile to tackle the search for vaccines against alcohol and, it seems, they've managed to find. According to them, the vaccine lasts for six months to a year. The person will be introduced this vaccine will be able to look at alcohol and even he has not lost the desire to drink it. But as soon as he will do at least one SIP, will the terrible torment, resembling a severe hangover symptoms. The vaccine causes the liver does not produce enzymes that facilitate the processing of alcohol. Because of this puts a strain on the heart, which exacerbates the situation. Antidote to a vaccine not foreseen, so that the person remains one way to avoid poor health - not to drink, reports the Daily Mail.

In the next month Chilean scientists are going to start clinical trials of the vaccine in mice. And on volunteers, the drug will be tested in November. As the developers themselves admit, this is just a small step in the fight against alcoholism, but at the same time, it is quite important.

The idea to create this vaccine was visited by scientists after they have studied the response to alcohol inhabitants of some Asian countries, such as China, Korea, Japan. Recall that some of them lost the gene that is responsible for the digestion of alcohol in the body. Because of this, almost 20 percent of the population in these countries may not consume alcohol at all.

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It had been almost a hundred years after the West was developed tablets that have produced a similar effect. But they had so many side effects that in the end, the damage was more than good, and had from using them to refuse.

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