Children with parents who are married, grow happier, the study showed

Civil marriage reduces the level of happiness in children. To such conclusion experts of the British Foundation of Marriage.

It is interesting that boys of parents do not have, whereas girls feel depressed, if the parents are married are not. According to the study, these girls have lowered self-esteem.

Note that the results of recent studies run counter to previous studies and surveys. Previously, the message was clear: the type of joint life between the two partners does not affect future children. Of course, if the choice is between an official and a civil marriage.

Back to the results of recent work. It was attended by about four thousand children. As it turned out, for boys large values of the nuances of living together parents not played. For girls same formal marriage between the parents acts as a "safe block", scientists say.

In another study it was shown that in a divorce, the children mostly suffer not from the fact of separation, and from strife within the family. If the friendly relationship between the father and the mother of the child to support is obtained, the child's psychological condition remains stable.

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