Children with hearing impairment

Deafness, much stronger isolates the person from society than blindness, because it largely affects his social ties with society, because you lose the opportunity of normal, healthy interaction with people, and he loses the ability to hear what is happening around. A similar point of view was held by the philosopher Michel Montaigne.

Children with hearing loss have some features in development. For example, this primary defect significantly complicates the formation of active and passive speech, thus decreasing the effectiveness of cognitive activity. Although, there are cases of temporary disruption hearing acuity, which do not cause serious damage to the health of the child.

ri care professionals need to find ways to compensate for this defect, which can fully or partially mitigate it, for example, to buy a hearing aid. Moreover, the earlier you start treatment, the more effective it will be.

Many surdopedagogic believe that the ability of children with hearing deprivations almost limitless. With the right approach, they can develop almost at the same level as normal children.

Most often, children with hearing impairments, starting from an early age, are taught in special institutions (schools, kindergartens). Here the employees are aimed at the level of their development fits into the framework of age-related norms, special attention is paid to the development of speech-enabled process improvement thinking, mastery of the Russian language. The successful development of the school curriculum depends on the timeliness of the correction (compensation) measures and physical indicators of the child.

Modern training system allows you to fully unlock the potential of children with such disorders, it is important to try to increase the zone of the nearest development, translating it into actual area that will help them to achieve amazing results. In addition, the formation of the personality of the child does not remain in last place. It is important not to focus on the current situation and its features. Otherwise, it can feel like not such as everything, therefore, can be detrimental to the psyche and self-esteem of the kid.

Children with reduced hearing acuity. Share two categories of such violation: hearing loss, deafness (saved, sometimes partially able to understand the speech of others). The diagnostic criterion: the degree of success of the perception of the conversation, for example, measured the distance between the listening and the speaking person and the volume of the pronunciation. Created a variety of classification this defect, we will not elaborate in detail.

It should be noted that hearing loss can be acquired, that is to occur after the transfer of any disease, for example, otitis media, meningitis. Moreover, recent disease causes more severe complications, resulting child may not perceive some sound frequencies (e.g., high, mean, impaired or completely lost the function of perception words). In these cases, there is no way to completely restore hearing, are available only for the prevention of further complications in the implementation of necessary medical procedures.

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Reasons provoking the emergence considered disorders: congenital deformation of the auditory analyzer, mechanical damage, genetic predisposition, parents ' disease, chemical poisoning.

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