Children with ADHD need to do more exercise

Although children who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and their struggle with hyperactive impulses and is the problem of maintaining attention, a recent study showed that a structured program of physical activity can improve their muscle power, motor skills, behavior, and ability to process new information. This new study was published in the latest issue of the journal of Attention Disorders" (published by SAGE).

The study authors Claudia Verret, Marie-Claude Guay, Claude Bertin, Philip Gardiner, and Louise Belive took part in the study, ten children in a physical activity program, which included warm-up, aerobic activity, muscle exercises and motor skills and cooling. The goal of each session was the preservation of moderate to high intensity activities for children.

"The main conclusion of this study is that parents and teachers have observed better behavioral aspects in the physical activity group," write the authors of medical research. "This may indicate that the positive impact of physical activity can occur in various conditions of life of children".

The authors of the monitoring activities for children with ADHD who participated in the program of physical activity, three times per week was added eleven different children with ADHD, as part of the control group.

The authors wrote: "Given the positive impact of physical activity on the part of some of the important moments of ADHD associated with the change of environment, the school and parents of children with ADHD should look for in order to expand opportunities for physical activity in the lives of their children."

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