Children with ADHD are more likely to suffer from obesity in adulthood

Conducted by American scientists, the study found that children suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the future more prone to the development of obesity than children without this syndrome. A more detailed study is published in the journal "Pediatrics".

Staff conducted a scientific experiment among adult men. They were divided into 2 groups. Participants of the first group in childhood was diagnosed with ADHD, and the second group were healthy and represented the control group. It turned out that by the 41st year, the average weight of the participants of the first group was 96 pounds, and 40% had obesity. The average weight of the men of the second, control group, was 87 kg, and the number of obese patients among them was 22%.

As told Reuters Dr. Xavier Castellano from new York University, increasingly they become known areas of the brain that is responsible for the development of obesity. Often these parts of the brain overlap with brain areas that are involved in ADHD.

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However, the expert added that obesity can occur with ADHD due to impulsivity and difficulties with decision making, which are some of the symptoms of this disorder. Therefore, a scientist recommended by parents of children with ADHD to provide them with the necessary physical activity and to limit consumption of foods high in calories.

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