Children who use gadgets, can't distinguish the emotions of other people

Scientists from America established: the constant use of electronic gadgets separates children from reality. As a result there are formed the necessary communication skills. Especially bad in modern children able to identify the emotions of the interlocutor, reports Tech Times.

Assumptions scientists have confirmed in the experiment. Two groups of children were sent to summer camp. The first group of five days lived without any electronic gadgets, the second group was allowed to use the usual mobile phones, laptops and iPods. As a result, children from the second group spent every day on the Internet and games for 4 hours a day.

Before the trip to the camp the children were tested to determine emotions with pictures. The same test the students received at the end of the study. A group of children left without gadgets, showed the best results. In the second group of positive changes were noted.

Scientists say the simple truth: the most valuable human resources is time and health. An electronic device is taken away from us both. As a result, modern man does not have time to communicate with the closest people. Children can't learn to talk with their peers and make new friends.

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