Children who love to read, easy maths

A love of reading and ability in mathematics are closely related at the genetic level. Such was the conclusion of the experiment, the researchers of two elite research centers: the University of Oxford and king's College (London).

Scientists conducted an experiment examining two groups of 12-year-old children. In one of them were twins, and the other for the children without any genetic ties. Testing included a survey about how much and how often they are read. The second part of the experiment included the solution of mathematical problems and examples.

It was found that the genes that are responsible for reading ability, have an impact on the child's ability in the field of mathematics. The more a child reads, the easier it provides mathematical skills. Moreover, the scientists noted and feedback of these processes.

From the test we can conclude that the child is in any case necessary to instill a love of reading. Now scientists known only to the group of genes involved in the learning process. Perhaps in the near future, scientists will come up with a genetic test, on the basis of the analysis which parents will be able to choose the best system of education and upbringing of the kid.

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