Children the virus is able to destroy cancer in adults

Respiratory virus that causes respiratory tract infections in children and infants, are able to kill cancer cells, avoiding the attack on healthy, discovered by scientists from the University of Texas.

New application of the virus suggested santanu Bose, oncolytic therapy, when oncolytic viruses in the body to attack and kill cancer cells, will become his patented invention. While in other countries this respiratory syncytial virus already underway, the American scientists intend to license the development and to create together with CZ Biomed various treatments for cancer.

Experiments have shown that the virus is able to destroy cancer tumors, even in mice even with a powerful immune system. And he had an impact not only directly on the tumor, but with the introduction of injections in the stomach. Just a week mice with tumors were healthy and relapse rates over the study period did not happen. Because adults are not exposed to this virus, it is considered safe. Similar to the impact of respiratory virus in the tumor because the cancer cells have no defense mechanisms against viruses.

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