Children raised in poor families have less brain volume

American scientists from the medical school at the University of Washington found that the brain of a child depends on the level of prosperity in the family, reports The Times of India. A well-known fact: poverty negatively affects the mental development of the child. Such Delhi often lag behind in development, and later begin to speak.

A recent study has shown that low levels of family affluence reduces mental capacity Chad and able to influence brain volume. This theory was confirmed by a group of scientists under the leadership of Joan Labi. Scientists have studied the structure and size of various brain structures in children from families with different income levels. The study was conducted with the participation of MRI and lasted for 145 days.

In addition, the researchers noted that children from dysfunctional families often suffer from attention deficit disorder, heightened aggression, frequent mood swings. Interesting fact established during the study was the reduction of the brain as a result of stress.

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