Children of the 21st century don't know why eat vegetables

Modern children are often unable to explain why a person needs vegetables. To such conclusion came the scientists from Latvia.

For the truth the doctors came to schools and children's hospitals. Children were asked simple questions about diet. Interested the researchers the question of the frequency of consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Most of the interviewees only remembered about the cucumbers and tomatoes. Some children have never in my life eaten eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini. But almost all was good with varieties of sweets and processed foods.

Follow-up survey of parents of scientists plunged into shock. Many adults especially did not understand, what is the benefits of vegetables and fruits. The doctor advised to make a diet as diverse as possible. It needs to include plant foods, and meat. To forbid children of sweet is not necessary, however, to track the how much the child uses it still need.

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