Children of older fathers are more likely to suffer schizophrenia and autism

Genetic mutations can become a serious problem for children in the future. Over time, the human body accumulates genetic abnormalities. Studies have proven that when the conception of a child at the age of 45 the risk of developing schizophrenia and autism increased by one third. Health indicators of children from fathers 25-29 years are within normal limits, writes The Telegraph.

Data were obtained in the survey, which covered about three million children. It turned out that biological clock work not only in women but also in men. Over time accumulate genetic mutations that affect children's health.

Scientists warn: having children after forty years unsafe. It is known that a man can produce sperm for most of my life. Over time, however, its quality is changing. In the 45 years she carries on Board not only life for posterity, but also a number of biases that may occur in the future.

Note that this study is not the first. Previously it was shown that older couples were more likely to transmit the set of external features that are not common to both parents.

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