Children of military personnel are more susceptible to mental properties

Young children whose parents are in the military service, are more likely to receive because of this psychological trauma. To this opinion of American scientists from the Academy of Pediatrics US. The results of the study indicate that children of military with great difficulty overcome social, emotional and behavioural problems. Statistics also indicates that half of the children of servicemen in need and receive the necessary assistance in the above-mentioned Academy.

According to lead author of the research, Beth Ellen Davis, over the last decade, more than two million children have experienced the stress and emotional turmoil associated with parting with loved ones who went to military service. Most children adapt quickly, but meanwhile, they continue to worry about their parents. Pediatricians, who are watching the health status of such children should be aware of the family situation in order to carry out proper treatment.

The study found that 25% of children of military personnel have experienced depression, and 1/3 were in constant fear and anxiety for your loved ones. Half of the children suffered from sleep disorders. More from anxiety symptoms and anxiety suffered by the children in the preschool age, but most often in depression fell children and adolescents whose age was 5-18 years. In addition, it was noted that the concern of the adults in the family of a serviceman could also be transmitted to children and affect their mental state.

American experts also found that 33 percent of children soldiers in adolescence often abuse alcohol compared with 23 percent of children whose parents are in the military service.

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