Children of divorced parents are more likely to have a stroke

Men whose parents divorced, faced with the stroke much more those members of the male population, who were brought up in an intact family. This conclusion was made by a scientist Esme fuller-Thomson from the University of Toronto.

According to The Daily Mail, to confirm the researcher cites statistics which adult men whose families have broken up before reaching respondents 18 years, suffered a stroke in 3 times more often than others. Interestingly, on the future of women's health parents ' divorce was not affected (figures strokes in women of full and divorced families were about the same).

Making a selection among men, researchers found an increased risk of stroke in sons of divorced parents, was not associated with low financial status and social status or unhealthy lifestyle of the respondents. However, even if we make allowances for age, Smoking, alcohol consumption, ethnicity, and low economic status, high risk of stroke was still present. Now scientists can't exactly say why the men of this group suffer more than others. The researchers suggest that not the last role in this process plays the stress hormone cortisol, as well as the emergence of biological imprinting, when the shock experienced by the person that initiates the body's biological changes.

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