Children living in cities are more likely to suffer allergies

The urban environment is not suitable for children, say experts from Johns Hopkins University. The air of modern cities is contaminated with dust, gases, suspension of heavy metals. Recent research confirms the concern of scientists: children born in cities, much more common with allergies to eggs, peanuts, milk. Statistics are disappointing, the number of children with allergies will only grow, writes The Telegraph.

The widespread use of antibiotics, bactericidal funds, hedge against any potential allergen interferes with the normal immune response of the child to antigenic particles that cause allergic reactions. Twenty years ago the formation of allergic immunity occurred more intensively.

Experts have tracked the 516 children of America. In the study, they assessed the overall health of children, their diet and the effect of allergens on the body.

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According to the results, every tenth child in America is faced with allergies to eggs, peanuts or milk. Half (55%) there is increased sensitivity to these products. Interestingly, allergies met even in children who were breast-fed. Was it bad ecology and abundance microbicides, scientists believe, because of the relatively high concentration of endotoxins in the body is accompanied by a more robust immunity and the absence of Allergy.

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