Children learn by watching others - a study

Scientists from Washington University investigate how children perceive and work with the information received from the outside world. One of the questions posed by scientists, is whether a child can make sense of what is happening around him?

For this goal was to understand whether the child consciously choose between two options most appropriate and to apply it in life, writes Science World Report.

In the study, children had the game. Had to put a special bar on the box next to the candy machine. One beam activated design in 70% of cases, the other worked only in one case out of three. First, the children watched the game their adult mentors, then they offered themselves to try yourself in action. In 23 of the 32 children from the first time chose a more productive way of solving the problem.

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It's unclear whether the relationship of the studied phenomenon with the assessment of the probability of victory or win. However, it has now become clear: children learn not only from their mistakes, but observing the actions of others.

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