Children from unwanted pregnancies develop slower

British scientists have found that those born from unplanned pregnancies and children generally have a smaller vocabulary and poorer non-verbal abilities.

Only in the UK at least 30-40 percent of unplanned pregnancies end in births, and the number of children born using assisted reproductive technologies, growing annually.

Although it is believed that those born after long-term problems with conception or in assisted reproduction children are at greater risk for health, may be born with low birth weight and congenital anomalies, however, and unplanned pregnancy has negative results.

The researchers analyzed data on 12,000 children born in 2000-had. Parents were interviewed on the subject of pregnancy and child development. The mother shared information, whether it was planned pregnancy and how long they were trying to have a baby. Been documented the level of verbal and non-verbal child development.

Initial data showed that children born from unplanned pregnancies, behind the children born through artificial insemination by verbal indicators for four months.

However, physicians are inclined to believe that differences in the development of children stem from socio-economic factors, because people who can afford artificial insemination, can afford to invest in the development of the child more money.

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