Children from single mothers adapt to life no worse than the others

The majority of children raised by a single mom problems fitting in society no. This is indicated by the results of research scientists from the University of Cambridge. Only scientific work participated 51 52 incomplete and complete families. The researchers observed only for families in which the child grew up in the age of 4-9 years. Received the study information tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

It turned out that the children of single mothers are not more often than other children have problems adapting to life conditions. Moreover, mothers raising children alone, tried to pass on to their children a positive Outlook on building a family. However, to avoid questions about the absence of his father, none of the volunteers failed.

The researchers conclude: important not so much family structure, how the correct approach to education and the quality of relations between parent and child.

In another study, experts from the University of Illinois revealed the secret to a perfect atmosphere in the family. It turned out that the joint nature walks at least once a week to strengthen the relationship.

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