Children first recognize themselves in the mirror in 2 years

Look in the mirror - one of the favorite activities of children. According to studies, babies begin to recognize themselves in the reflection already to two years. But this rule does not work with all children.

In a recent experiment, scientists found that some children from Kenya and Fiji even in six years and could not recognize herself in the mirror. Perhaps this is due to the low level of attention of parents and cultural characteristics of developing countries.

The second phase of the experiment, the researchers tried to answer, find out whether the animals are reflected in the mirror. Elephants showed signs of awareness of themselves, they "played" with my copy.

Gorillas had completely fulfilled the task of research. They tried to erase printed on their face markings, but in the beginning try to retire. Also cope with the test orangutans, chimpanzees, orcas, dolphins and European magpies.

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