Children fatigue

Usually children get tired because of mobile games, but there is another kind of child fatigue, similar to adult fatigue. Children under five years of age are usually prone to short intense activity, and then rest until you gain strength in this cycle they live all day.

In addition to the usual daily fatigue, children can feel increased hunger, insomnia, experience psychological problems, most diseases can also cause fatigue or tiredness. Symptoms of pediatric fatigue is extremely diverse.

In most cases, fatigue due to illness is not the only symptom, one of the worst symptoms can be infectious mononucleosis, as well as severe sore throat, rash, jaundice. After recovery from acute infection many people feel the fatigue and the inability to cope with the same cases as before the disease. In this state they can stay up to three months.

Children may also feel tired during the day, if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, the reason it can be enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Appears apone through snoring or mouth breathing, the child is disturbed sleep cycle and as a consequence he feels tired during the day.

Causes of childhood fatigue can be:

Physical diseases causing fatigue: an infectious disease of the throat. The ears, chest, tooth disease, glandular fever. Chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis, kidney disease, ulcerative colitis, anemia.

Also vitamin and mineral deficiencies results in poor nutrition, to interfere with the child to relax can also obstructive, apone.

Fatigue can cause almost any disease that most commonly causes are infections, colds respiratory tract, cough, usually children becomes better when the temperature is reduced. Sometimes, especially after a bacterial infection of the throat, fatigue may persist for several weeks.

Remember that fatigue, the child may be an early sign of more serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, although these cases are rare. It is important to closely monitor the child's behavior - increased thirst, weight loss, frequent trips to the toilet, all signs of diabetes.

Remember how often in the last time your child complained that he was tired, frequent complaints can serve as a sign of the need to see a doctor.

May the brothers and sisters of your child do not give him a full night's sleep.

The child should sleep at least nine hours a day, continuously better.

Remember, fatigue in children rarely persists for a long time, if it goes on for ten days, then pay attention to other symptoms and consult a doctor.

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