Children dependence on the games directly borders with mental disabilities

According to the publication The Daily Mail, in children with autism spectrum disorder is observed that most of the time they have spent on video games, in contrast to normal children of the same age. From the statement of Christopher Engelhardt (University of Missouri), it became clear that diseases such as autism and inattention expose the child based on the video game.

Scientists and a team of researchers was recruited a group of boys at number 141 in age from 8 to 18 years. 56 of them has autism, 44 - hyperactivity and lack of attention and 41 of the children was not discovered such diseases. In the experiment, it was recorded that the children with autism were games about 2.1 hours. Those who have been identified hyperactivity in 1.7 hours. The time control group - 1.2 hours.

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It was also revealed that representatives of the first two groups have game consoles in the rooms. Pediatricians recommend not pre-screen TV more than two hours a day. And if games are in a prominent place, the situation is complicated. Another experiment showed that children with autism prefer role-playing games, which are known to tighten.

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