Children cannot use trendy gadgets

After analyzing the health status of students, scientists concluded that a large threat, which put the child's organism laptops, smart phones and other modern gadgets. His conclusion says chief freelance specialist in hygiene of children and adolescents Ministry of health of Russia, head of the Institute of hygiene and health of children and adolescents Scientific centre of children health RAMS Vladislav Kuchma. The teacher, of course, very convenient to use in the lesson of modern technology, then his classes full clarity. But, on the other hand, the constant use of laptops, mobile phones, smartphones and other gadgets too increase the burden on the child. The same laptops, for example, it is not suitable for students. In the main claims of the researchers in relation to laptops and smartphones aimed at the size of the distance from the eyes to the monitor, because the laptop cannot be moved at a safe distance from the eyes of a child. In addition, the keyboard, the laptop is too big for the hands of children. The same disadvantages Kuchma reveals in smartphones, which students use to communicate with friends in chat rooms or social networks, watching movies or search information on the Internet.

Doctors already denied rumors of inappropriate norms radiation tablets and smatphones. But the thing is, adds Kuchma that students use these gadgets constantly. The scientist insists that simultaneously with the vigorous implementation of modern technologies in educational institutions it is necessary to explain and tell how much time and how you can use that or other device without risk of bodily harm.

As for tablets and e-books, the influence of these Gogotov on the body of children still not thoroughly understood. I want to say that according to the observations of chief ophthalmologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Vladimir Neroev, many students (grade 1 to 5 %, and in grades 10-11 for 25 - 30 % of children) suffer from impaired vision, including by reason of misuse of electronic devices.

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