Children born through IVF will have three formal parent

The UK authorities confirmed the information regarding innovations in the ECO system. IVF is in vitro fertilization, which takes three people. IVF is one of the few ways to get a child to families with infertility or parents with genetic disorders.

Genetic analysis sometimes reveals disease, which with high probability will be passed to the child. The most frequent case is mitochondrial disease. However, not all is rosy with this fertilization. Scientists believe that IVF is one of the reasons for genetic modification in children. The fact that the child receives genes from the mother, father and a female donor.

Modified embryos are first transplanted female donors in the UK. This method will help to exclude mitochondrial pathology in the fetus, liver problems, brain, and heart.

ECO involving three parents to help families have healthy children, confident leading experts from Britain.

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