Children born prematurely have a risk of problems with the brain

Premature infants are much more likely to have diseases of the Central nervous system. The brain is developing rapidly in the third trimester of pregnancy. During these three months, the brain increases in size by 3-4 times. After analyzing data on 75 preterm children, researchers found that even in the absence of obvious problems at birth, such children are often on the order have deviations from the nervous system.

There are two different areas of the brain, formed in the last months of pregnancy. In the third trimester quickly grow large hemispheres, brain stem, cerebellum, intracranial cavity is increased. Preterm infants usually marked underdevelopment of the brain, which sometimes affects their life in the future.

The hemispheres of the brain is based on unique functions. It is proved that the cerebral cortex participates in the formation of emotions, thoughts, responsible for learning and muscle coordination. The brain stem is the link that ensures the transmission of information between the hemispheres.

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