Children born in later marriage, more likely to have mental problems

The group of experts conducted a study which found that children born to older fathers are more likely to face nervous system diseases and mental disorders.

Recently there has been a definite trend. Parents decide on the child in all later age. Scientists provide evidence that in America the average age of the birthday child is 25.4 years for women and 28.5 for men.

Previously it was thought that the sperm men almost do not change with age, and men always have time to become fathers, while the fertility of women is gradually reduced and leads to menopause. However, many do not take into account that, over time, in germ cells accumulate mutations, and the effects of toxins additionally affects the health of the unborn child.

Research work proves that the birth of a child from the fathers aged 45 years increases the risk of autism in a child is 3.5 times and syndrome hyperresponsiveness 13 times. The average frequency of occurrence of mental disorders in this case is doubled.

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The data indicate the population to the fact that planning marriage and family is an extremely important process that affects the health of the unborn child.

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