Children born by way of IVF, do not suffer from cancer

Cancer has become one of the main problems of medicine. The frequency of occurrence and mortality approaches to cardiovascular disease. However, in contrast, has not yet developed a versatile and efficient tool that you could deal exclusively with tumor process. Cancer patients experience a range of complications during treatment, and the process can take a long time.

New discovery led to the delight of English scholars who have studied the question of artificial insemination and the development of cancer in infants. Deep analysis and a series of experiments were able to prove that the children are grown by IVF have almost zero risk of cancer. Data were obtained after analysis of more than 100 thousand children conceived through artificial insemination. The obtained results, the researchers compared with a control group of children born in a natural way. The researchers used a specialized register of childhood tumours.

Research has shown that the "test-tube babies" almost not affected by blood cancer, retinoblastomas, tumor of the kidney and many other types of cancer. Scientists did note that moderate risk of developing liver cancer in these children. It is worth noting that cancer is now treatable and the majority of cancers can be effectively treated in a short time in the early diagnosis.

Scientists believe that the present study has great potential. They plan to work further in this direction, to try to reduce the level of cancer in children to the possible minimum.

It should be noted that earlier research done by scientists from Switzerland, showed the opposite results. Scientists have received information that children born by way of IVF more often suffer from neoplastic processes.

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