Scientists believe that this will help in improving the health of these kids in the future. Birth via cesarean section has a number of disadvantages. Experts tried to explain how you can avoid some of the complications of the health of children.

Start at the mechanism of delivery. The child during the passage through the birth canal of the mother receives a portion of the vaginal flora. They and the first stage of formation of the intestinal flora of the baby. If a child does not receive mother's bacteria, the intestine may be occupied by pathogenic microorganisms, which only interfere with normal digestion.

That is why scientists have proposed artificially to colonize the intestines of newborns vaginal flora of their mothers. The effectiveness of such methods has been proved in the research process. Now it is planned to conduct a global experiment with 1200 newborn infants. The experience will put the last point on the benefits of the developed method.

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