Children born by caesarean section found no bacteria responsible for immunity

Swedish scientists recently made a discovery. It became known that the cause of lowered immunity and early Allergy - operation on artificial extraction of the fetus, a caesarean section. Precisely because it creates a disturbance in the intestinal flora of the newborn, which provides one of the links of the protection of the child, fulfilling barrier function.

Of the 24 infants selected for the study, 9 were born by caesarean section, other - vaginal delivery without surgical intervention. Was studied the microflora of gut of children: one week after birth, month, 4 month, half year and year. The study showed that children born through with the surgery, have more poor intestinal flora, which lacks the main species of bacteria, Bacteroidetes, which was present in 100% of cases of children born naturally.

It should be noted that this bacterium is not populated gut even a year after birth, referring to the study writes Maria Jenmalm, University of linköping in the journal Gut BMJ.

In addition, the bacterial composition "processinng" children differed from the composition of the flora of the mother, in contrast to healthy children, where he was similar.

A group of bacteria Bacteroidetes performs a significant role in maintaining immunity and internal balance of the body. The scientists formed two opinions, why "children-Caesar" reveals a complete absence of this bacteria. One - all because of a special, gentle power, which does not allow to reproduce this type of intestinal flora. The second theory is the colonization of the Bacteroidetes occurs exclusively during passage through the vagina, where the first bacterial contact. For caesarean section, the direct contact with the bacteria is simply not the case. Scientists believe that the data obtained will help to solve such an important problem the newborn.

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