Children are getting weaker because of tablets and phones

Modern kids from the first years begin to use a variety of gadgets. According to one recent study, in two years the kids all use tablets, phones, game consoles and computers with TVs. More than half of children under one year watch TV, the third play with a tablet, and 24% talked with someone on the phone.

There is another side to the use of gadgets, return endless entertainment. Children become weaker. In the UK and many other countries children start to learn spelling in 4 years. In recent years, classes are given with handle kids harder. All the matter in electronic devices, say scientists. To four years the child full advantage of the phones and the tablet, whereas the ability to write for him – the ability incomprehensible and useless.

Over the past two years in the preparatory institutions of Britain comes more children with retarded physical development. Sports and most outdoor activities more and more children prefer electronic entertainment. Not the last role in this played by parents and their influence on children's leisure.

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