Over the last decade, many mental diseases "younger". If at the beginning of the last century anorexia was sick mostly young girls, but now doctors would diagnose rejection in children.

Children anorexia ceased to be a rarity

Anorexia refers to the eating disorder. Most often the disease develops on the background of extreme diets and desire to lose weight quickly. Sometimes the pathology occurs without obvious for doctors causes. Every year, experts say, there is an increasing amount of cases of anorexia. The increase in the number of patients occurs not only by adults but also children.

Mental health clinics are Schoolgirls from a secondary school. The first independent attempts to lose weight in secret from their parents, some are taken in elementary school. Psychologists concerned about the situation and calling to work with children at risk.

The desire to lose weight obesity is commendable. Anorexia is a refusal to eat, regardless of weight. In the initial stages of the process is similar to deterrence, then the disease moves into a stage of mental disorders with disgust for food.

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