Children acquire a sense of justice to six years - the scientists

Researchers from America found: in six years, the child develops a sense of justice. By this age, kids are able to correct the wrong consequences of others ' wrongdoing.

Only the study involved 64 children aged six to eight years. The children were asked to solve the economic problem and share the candy between the two groups painted men.

Initially, the majority of children (80%) decided not true, one group of candy has got much more. However, after comments about inequality 40% of children agreed to divide the candy equally.

Scientists say that a child at the age of 6-8 years is able to see and criticize the unjust actions of their peers. By the end of the eighth year of life, children are well aware of what is justice.

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The next step, the scientists are going to explore how this feeling developed in children from other countries. Similar studies will be held in Vanuatu and Uganda.

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