Childless men feel themselves less attractive

It is known that pregnant women throughout the critical period go downright glowing, meanwhile, and for men the birth of a child leaves a lasting imprint. As found in the study after giving birth men are beginning to feel more attractive.

This study, conducted by American scientists from the University of California is unique in its way. This is the first study that examined the effects of a baby in the family men. As reported by the interviewed men, after they become fathers, their self-esteem increased. This fact scientists determine that men, about the form of his little copy, begin to feel more masculine. In addition, they like women's reaction when they walk with their children. Women's self-esteem rises, and this is due to the fact that after birth, the appearance of many women is changing, and very often not for the better.

American scientists conducted a survey of two hundred newlyweds. The average age of the interviewed men and women was 26 and 24, respectively. Researchers asked them to rate, using a ten-point scale, how they were attractive in the very beginning of a relationship, a year later, and in the second year after the wedding. It turned out that childless men gave a stable assessment, and those men who have become fathers, all items have set ourselves the highest number of points, feeling it speciflcally.

According to one of the scientists, Alicia Castes, she shared with her husband the results of her research, to which the latter stated that he fully agrees with them, because he also felt after the birth of their son attention from a female.

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