Childless families are happy in the marriage - the scientists

Scientists from the British University found that available from the children's families feel more comfortable and happy than a full-fledged family with kids. The data were confirmed in the course of global studies.

Scientists have determined that having a child does not always guarantee happiness and comfort. According to The Daily Mail, the study involved 5 thousand families with different income levels, age and orientation. The obtained data proved that families without children are happier when living together. Spouses feel mutual love and understanding.

If we consider the problem individually, then other data is retrieved. Mothers are more than happy, if you look at them as a whole. Childless women experience more problems. With men the situation is quite the opposite.

Scientists say that childless families spend more time in its second half, which strengthens the marriage and understanding, after all the attention and love is the Foundation of a comfortable family relationships.

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