Childhood obesity - maternal indifference

Childhood obesity, many specialists (pediatricians, nutritionists) is considered the extremely important issue of modern medicine. The problem lies in the fact that children, who have been overweight and obesity, from year to year becomes more and more. The accumulation of excess weight at such a young age can cause the development of further serious health problems.

Experts point out another factor that contributes to the development of childhood obesity in many countries of the world. As it turned out, the mother sometimes just completely ignore the glaring fact that the child started rapidly gaining weight. Mom seemed to not notice the "alarming" challenges your child will face in continuing their child to overfeed, thus further aggravating the problem. It is this fact that, according to experts, and turns into a "provocateur" further development of childhood obesity.

Based on the results of the survey revealed the following - only 3% of mothers whose children have overweight, and 30% of mothers whose children are in varying degrees of obesity, really understand the reality of the situation and the seriousness of the problem of medical properties. If in the family the mother herself has overweight, and her baby has a risk of developing obesity, which increases almost twice. With more than 15% of mothers understand the evidence that obesity is a serious disease, but, alas, not in a hurry to take any measures to improve the health of your child.

The results of the survey showed that if the child at an earlier age were allowed to eat sweets and snacks, so he was most likely to develop obesity in the future. Other factors, is extremely dangerous because of the possible development of your child's obesity, are the absence of such habits, how to eat during Breakfast, a habit to absorb a large amount of food in front of the TV or computer monitor, and lack of parental control over the child's diet.

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