Child development in the first three months of life

Child 1 month

Typically, the newborn during the first month of his life adds 3 cm and about 600 g weight. In the first month of his life child is mostly asleep, and sleep should be about 17 hours.

On the face shows signs of a smile, though she seemingly was before, but that was not the smile and reflex sensations on comfort. Closer to 5 weeks, the child begins to smile genuinely and primarily in response to the gentle words.

The baby usually starts to keep a little head in a vertical position, to keep his eye on the bright toy, be rotated in the direction of incoming sound. At this age, you receive the first pucanje and facial expressions become more expressive.

The body needs more power, as the baby is actively growing. Closer to two months the amount of milk reaches 700-800 grams per day, i.e. an average of 120 grams per feeding.

To the child 2 months

During the second month, the child grows to approximately 3 cm and gaining weight about 800 grams. Increases the size of the breast and head.

The nervous system of the child intensively formed fade innate reflexes. The child gradually develops coordination, coached their movements, and there are conditional reflexes. He begins to study its movements and it gives him pleasure. Starts periodically to straighten the arms and legs, gentle brush, stretch. By the end of the second month of the brush of the child must be open and relaxed. Neck muscles as rapidly evolving, and is closer to the third month, he confidently holds the head for 15 seconds.

When I turned the second month child, he starts to be interested in everything that gets in his field of vision up to half a meter. As it still does not distinguish between colors, it is often draws attention to the bright colors. He learns her mother's face, stops look at it.

To the child 3 months

The child is gaining weight 600-800 grams, and gets 3 see

He begins to grow up in her eyes, actively responds to mom sounds. It appears the interest, when adults communicate with him, he not only smiling, but laughing.

He tries to grab the toy, pens become more agile. During feeding, he holds his chest. Lying on his stomach, well keep your head and feet confidently rest on the support.

The kid takes an interest in his own hands, fingers, legs, he starts to miss and be seen.

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