Child care up to a year

Some time after birth, the baby starts to interact with the outside world, trying for him to adapt. Is an active formation of the body, causing the child begins to move independently, to breathe, sweat glands are formed, and more. In parallel there is a healing of the umbilical cord. It is important to avoid contact with the wound infection and germs.

The process of acclimatization of the child, parents should contribute fully. Let's look at some rules for the care of the child.

How to run the washing baby clothing?

For washing clothes, the child should only use baby soap because it does not cause allergies. After a few months, are allowed to apply baby powder without flavorings and additives. It is very important to rinse the Laundry after washing in running water, at least 5 times. In no event it is impossible to wash baby clothes together with other things of family members.

Sterilization nipples and bottles

Prior to the execution of the baby six months, you need to regularly sterilize feeding bottles and nipples. The importance of this procedure due to the formation of the digestive system of the child and the absence of certain enzymes, resulting baby is at risk to get an infection. There is a possibility of occurrence of diarrhea, disorders of the stomach and thrush. To disinfect, use hot water and soda. In any case, do not use detergent for dishes, as they can cause an allergic reaction. After washing, you need to boil the bottle and nipple for ten minutes. There are also special sterilizers intended for these purposes.

Can I kiss your baby?

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The answer is no! Do not allow anyone to kiss the child, as through the mucous, the infection is transmitted instantly. The majority of the population of the Earth has a variety of forms of viruses, in particular herpes. This virus is in a person's blood already 2 days before rash on the lips, which makes it impossible to predict infection. For an adult - it's a pretty safe disease and child - reason for hospitalization and result in serious consequences. How often should I bathe the baby? To bathe a baby, it is recommended daily. In the first ten days of life, the child may actively select crystals of salt through urine. This process can be caused by uric acid heart attack. That is why you need to perform regular bathing for hygiene.

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