Chickenpox in children - symptoms and treatment

Chickenpox, or as it is called the doctors chickenpox, is a strong infectious disease. Provoke this disease influenza viruses of Herpes.

Varicella can be recognized by a rash on the body in the form of small bubbles. Currently, this disease perebolevayet almost all children. For life to be this disease is possible only once. The thing is that after some disease once the body develops immunity against the virus causing the disease.

Basically chickenpox affects children from 2 to 10 years. Usually moms are very worried about the health of children, but in the case of chickenpox is considered, the earlier a child gets it the better. Children attending preschool institutions, schools and different groups are at a greater risk of getting sick. But, nevertheless, this disease occurs in adults. The progress of the disease in adults is much heavier, plus can develop unpleasant consequences. Children from 0 to 6 months, not infected with chickenpox, so they have immunity against the disease.

Chickenpox is transmitted by airborne droplets. The virus enters the body through the respiratory tract, mouth, eyes.

The virus itself is pretty strong and very fast moving. If chickenpox sick neighbours, it is quite likely that the virus will penetrate into the apartment next door. This is why children who attend different institutions, so easily infected by chickenpox. Only one child suffering from chicken pox, capable of infecting all around him.

Chickenpox is not immediately makes itself felt. The disease is in the incubation period of about three weeks, so the infected child feels quite normal, he was cheerful, active. After healing the recent rash child is not contagious.

Chickenpox can be recognized by increased temperature, sleep and appetite, rash. To treat this disease. It should be remembered that chickenpox is a viral illness, therefore, the use of antibiotics not to cure. There are even doctors who prescribe antibiotics, why? In fact, when the chickenpox can join a bacterial infection. All because of the fact that the rash is itchy, and their child is brushing her. It is therefore necessary at the time of passing this disease to carefully monitor the child. When illness recommended bed rest, drink plenty of water, diet. It is recommended that during the period of illness to avoid contact with water. Themselves rash must be lubricated with Zelenka, so the faster the process of drying. Itch prescribed antihistamines. In order to reduce the temperature, it is necessary to take different antipyretics. Learn more about the treatment of chickenpox in children, please click here.

There is a vaccine against chickenpox. Is it those who have not had the chicken pox. To determine ached whether a man is, quite simply, are enough to make a special blood test. So you can avoid the disease by contact with sick enough to be vaccinated within three days from the moment of contact. But you should remember that not all can be put vaccinated against chickenpox. At various allergies to components of the vaccine during pregnancy, during exacerbation of any chronic diseases through blood transfusion less than three months ago to put vaccination is not.

After transferring the disease possible consequences. This is often all sorts of scars that appeared on the site of pimples. Rarely, you may encounter complications such as inflammation of the brain.

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