Chicken soup as a remedy against colds

A long time ago the people there is a method of treatment of a cold chicken soup. And, as experience shows, this method is quite effective, primarily because of the content of carnosine. It helps the immune system to fight colds and infection at the stage of its origin in the body, writes The Daily Mail. However, for permanent effects of carnosine on the infection, it must continually be in a human body.

For the first time about the healing properties of chicken soup spoke Dr. Stephen Rennard Medical center at the University of Nebraska. They have been proven ability soup to slow down the movement of neutrophils, preventing them from reaching the upper respiratory tract. Conducted an additional experiment also proved that many soups can do it. But according to specialists of Miami, the healing properties of soup, nothing more than a placebo effect.

Scientists from Nebraska proved the opposite by examining the impact of hot soup on the formation of mucus in the nose fifteen volunteers. Like any liquid in the hot condition, the soup also increased the flow of mucus, which was purified respiratory tract. Under the influence of soup worked a protective mechanism in the nose, not giving to get the infection inside.

The effect was enhanced by useful substances contained in vegetables and chicken. They helped to fight inflammation, and strengthens immunity. It is known that organosulfide contained in onions and garlic, improve immune system function, which, together with vitamin D to increase the production of cells-macrophages. And vitamin C, which is also found in the soup, affects the amount of interferon and neutrophils.

Vitamin a and beta-carotene, found in carrots, beneficial effect on antibody production. Vitamin E and zinc reduce the level of lymphocytes in the blood. All these vitamins are easier digested with the soup, and add butter, you can increase the absorption of vitamins a, C, D , E.

A similar effect also create vegetables and fruits, and other foods that are rich in these vitamins. For example, rich in vitamin C citrus, raspberries, currants, kiwi it is also desirable to use during a cold. And another useful herbal teas and liquors, mixed with hot water and spices.

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By the way, the specialists at the Medical University of the state of new Jersey, found that the use of probiotics, so-called, naturopathy, also helps to reduce the duration of colds and the severity of its symptoms. The experiment was conducted on 200 people showed that the use of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria during the cold reduces the duration of the disease by almost half and symptoms by 34 percent.

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