Chewing gum spearmint flavoured contributes to weight gain

American scientists from the University at Buffalo and Ohio state University have found that chewing gum increases the risk set of extra pounds, because the taste of mint increases cravings for sugar-containing products. According to them, maybe chewing gum freshens breath, but at the same time it can make a person more fully.

The results of the study found that those people who often use gum, often eat food with high calories. This is because the flavor of mint, which is part of the gum that changes the taste of healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, making it unpleasant. And products with high sugar content become more desirable.

By American specialists, the study involved 44 volunteer. Each of the scientists asked participants to play the game, the prize for winning was the food. Somebody got a prize fruit, some sweets or chips. All volunteers before the game handing out chewing gum. As it turned out, the people who chose gum with menthol, more reluctantly participated in the game, the reward for the victory which had been the fruit or vegetables.

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Also, researchers found that after gum volunteers began to eat smaller amounts of food, but this in no way affected the number of calories. That is, they ate fewer products, but they were all high in calories. Meanwhile, the volunteers who refused gum, or chose chewing gum with a different taste, actively eating vegetables and fruits.

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