Chewing food thoroughly, a person can lose weight

If people chew food before swallowing, not less than 30 seconds, it reduces the consumption of calories per day. In case of long chewing, the human brain is permanently fixes in itself that the fact that the meal took place.

In this case, for people who are trying to get rid of excess weight is not so important, what they eat, more importantly, how they do it. This hypothesis was put forward by British scientists from the University of Birmingham, reports the Daily Mail.

They did a study, which was attended by 43 people, most of whom were young women. Before the experiment they were asked not to eat anything within two hours. Then they were divided into three groups and each group were offered the same size sandwiches with ham and cheese. The first group had to eat them as usually, members of the second group were asked to keep a pause of 10 seconds between pateniemi, and participants in the third group, at the request of scientists, chewed each piece of sandwich in 30 seconds before swallowing. In the end, all participants were asked to rate, appetite and satisfaction which they got while eating.

After two hours after the end of the study, test subjects were offered fruit candies and chocolates. As a result, the representatives of the third group were able to eat the least amount offered treats. Plus, the third group of less than all received satisfaction from food. Most likely, this was due to unusual conditions long chewing food.

Psychologists have suggested that craving to eat is reduced after a long chewing because the human brain stores the received information about the food for a longer period, writes

Another hypothesis is that the structure of the food obtained in the result of a long chewing unpleasant for most people and may reduce the interest in food in General.

This information becomes especially important during the holidays, when, according to statistics, people are starting to exceed your daily caloric intake by almost two times.

Last year scientists from China have found that while processing the jaws of each piece of food 40 times the number of calories is reduced by 12%. It should be noted that the average person makes a total of 6 movements of the jaws before swallowing the food.

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