Cherry juice helps with insomnia - the scientists

In order to improve the quality and duration of sleep should drink a glass of cherry juice in the morning and evening. In the study, volunteers with sleep disorders suggested to stick to this regime for two weeks. Particularly cherry juice helped the elderly: the duration of night sleep have increased on average an hour and a half.

Juice is an excellent and safe means to normalize sleep, says Business Standard. Scientists say that at a young age, you can resort to sleeping pills means, however, older people are already taking a number of drugs, additional tablet may cause damage to health. Cherry juice contains melatonin. This hormone is responsible for the regulation of sleep in humans.

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In addition, melatonin is involved in the processing of tryptophan, accelerating its absorption. The amino acid contained in the juice in a small amount, but the melatonin helps in its absorption from other foods. It turns out that cherry juice is really a healthy product, in some cases, you can replace sleeping pills and dietary supplements.

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