Cherry helps against all diseases - scientists

Berries cherries or cherry juice is an excellent prevention of most diseases. Compounds included in the composition of this berry helps in maintaining ideal weight, sure American scientists from the University of Michigan.

In the experiment, the researchers put mice on a diet with moderate amounts of carbohydrates, excess fats and cherries as one of the key food. Cherry, according to the study, was not less than one percent of the total daily diet.

This "cherry" diet has helped improve the health of mice, scientists have registered a decrease in level of cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

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A similar experiment was carried out at the people. Volunteers offered every day to drink a glass of cherry juice. Upon completion of the investigation, most people noted improvement in health and weight loss. Apparently, antioxidants and vitamins contained in cherries have a high activity and is contained in large quantities in the berry.

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